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Chiropractic Patient Record system: CPRsChiropractic Patient Record system: CPRs

Do you want to reduce paper costs by 90%?

Do you want to be more efficient in your business?

Do you need more fee-earning time in your practice?

Would you like to spend more time with family and friends?

How about less stress?

CPRs could be your "LIFE" saver!

Manual records can be; time-consuming to produce, illegible to read especially for locums, bulky to store and transport, a hassle to find, impossible to back-up, easily lost to flood or fire and fade with time.

If you are using Chiropractic Patient Treatment Records now is the time to upgrade to CPRs.

Drag yourself into the 21st century; Electronic Health Records (EHR) are the answer!

The Chiropractic Patient Record system (CPRs) is new EHR software developed over a nine year period in conjunction with fellow chiropractor, Alasdair Smith. It is the most cost-effective solution on the market in the UK today.

Based around familiar assessment protocols every good chiropractor should be using, CPRs is a simple electronic computerised tool for use in your busy chiropractic clinic.

"Everything you need, some features you want, but nothing you don't require!"

Patient Record Software

Example screenshot for the new Chiropractic Patient Record System from The Coxheath Chiropractic & Natural Therapy Centre or view a YouTube Video of the Chiropractic Patient Record System

Manual Record Systems can burn valuable client facing time ... now you can see more clients in a day, thanks to the new Patient Record System.  It is the most cost effective solution on the market in the today, and it is made in Britain.

What will you do wiith all the time you save using our CPR System


Chiropractic Patient Record system FREE LITE version to trial

  • NEW Version (at last years prices)
  • Full Patient record card
  • Neurological & Orthopaedic Tests
  • Customisable letters
  • Your logo on home screen
  • Calendar/Appointments
  • Income data
  • Patient Record Search
  • Comparison Photos
  • Back-up/Restore
  • Professional Patient Record keeping
  • Six-monthly reminders
  • Label print for Patient mail shots 


  • Saves time (up to 1 hour per day)
  • Secure and encrypted back-up
  • No loss from fire or flood
  • Inspires patient confidence
  • Promotes better inter-professional communication
  • Saves money
  • Focussed patient care



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